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Default Re: GPO/BT Call Progress Tones?

Originally Posted by Dave Moll View Post
The NZ NU tone is an interesting one! It sounds like the Morse code for "H" repeated over.

Given that the Australian and NZ numbers start with their country codes, it left me wondering whether there is any significance to "08" of the UK ones.
The NZ NU is effectively an 'H' in Morse

No significance. Just happened that there was a 284-44xx number in use when the UK tones were set up. The Au and NZ codes were add at later date and it was thought appropriate to use the country code as the first two digits.

There is an interesting website which shows the tones/cadences of tones from countries all around the World and give the settings for setting them up on either a Linksys ATA or an Asterisk computer based PC for use with VoIP. If you would like the old GPO UK settings for an ATA - PM me.
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