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Default Sharp VZ 2500 repair

I purchased a vz 2500 that was a mess. I managed to replace belts, cartridges, gave it a good clean and managed to get it all working.

However, when I'd fast forward a record it suddenly would get stuck at a certain point, as if something was obstructing the tonearm's linear path along the steel cord.

I decided to look into this and this is where disaster struck. I manually rotated the tonearm gear (where the little belt lies) and loosened/tensioned the chord. Somehow this appears to have killed all power to the turntable! Even the light doesn't come on. The cassette and radio still work.

I am completely baffled by this. I know that there's a leaf switch by black the cog that I was rotating (and moves the arm), but I've rotated the wheel past it, under it, etc and to no avail. I know how the leaf switch is supposed to sit and it just isn't working.

Outside of this, a few of the buttons get stuck and the cassette player seems to be much louder out of one speaker.

I live in EC1 (London) and would be looking for a repair to be done at my place if possible.
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