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Default Re: A relatively cheap portable SW receiver with SSB/CW and analogue tuning?

They are sought after by collectors, and pristine ones do sell for a lot of money, but those are very rare. These were semipro radios taken to godforsaken places by people like foreign correspondents and aid workers, and most have led a hard life and show it. Mine was given to me in a carrier bag in pieces by an ex Oxfam staffer - broken aerial and mechanism, smashed case repaired many times with various sorts of adhesive tape etc. I've restored it to working condition but it's never going to look as though it's just left the factory. I reckon I could get 20 for it if I was lucky.

Remember that there are plenty of optimistic sellers around. They may ask these astronomical prices, but whether they achieve them is another matter, even for a cosmetically perfect example with all the accessories.
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