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Default Re: MK14 Programming Interface

Originally Posted by SiriusHardware View Post
Yes, when the Arduino IDE has a 'Choose Board' drop down box for the Pico 'out of the box', that's when I will revive my interest in the Pico. Apparently it is coming.

As a point of interest, the little BBC Micro:Bit which was offered / given to schoolkids of a certain generation (and now in its second hardware version) can also be programmed in Micropython and there is a nice mature offline Micropython IDE for it, similar in operation to the Arduino IDE, called 'Mu'.
Yes, I had a Micro:Bit back in the day and I was quite impressed with it. I even bought some peripheral bits for it but never did much with it, not sure what became of it. At the time I was working for the BBC co-incidentally and I may have loaned it to one of my collegues to play with and not got it back. The "Thonny" IDE supports the Micro:Bit too if you're using micropython.

While we are on the subject of IDE's all the cool kids are using "Geany" these days I am told, I tried it and it seems quite good, although I tend to use Sublime Text which is almost an IDE these days just because its what I'm used to and I bought a licence that you can port about onto any computer you use. You can use it without a licence, it just nags you from time to time, but I worked with companies that have conniptions about using unlicensed software even if its free so I bought one to shut them up
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