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Default Re: Cossor 501AC 'Melody Maker'


Once the waxies had been removed from the set, I placed one leg of each in a vice, & heated with a hair dryer to soften the outer wax coating. Some of the outer wax landed on the vice, the rest wiped off the capacitor body with an old cloth.

With a scrap bit of wood, around 4" x 2" and around 10" long, I laid the capacitors (one at a time) along the wood (writing facing away from me), placed a steel rule along the edge facing me, then with a Stanley knife, gently cut along the capacitor body. (The capacitor being clamped by my free hand between the bit of wood and the steel rule).

Once through, gently open the outer paper sleeve and remove the contents. (These original Cossor waxies have end-caps, some with eyelets where the legs were also soldered, another just had end-caps but no eyelets).

I then placed the new capacitor inside the paper sleeve, slipped the end-caps on, soldering where required and using contact adhesive along the cut, then held the capacitor together over night with clothing pegs.

When it came to refitting to the set, the cuts are hidden from view with the label proudly facing outwards.

Looking back, I should've used the wax gathered on the vice and resealed the end-caps.

Thanks again for the positive feedback guys, the sets being put to good use.

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