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Default Re: BVWS Harpenden 22nd Sept. auction/swap-meet

My mate Jon and I had a good day, we bought quite a few bargains. Jon has filled a few gaps in his collection of Pye radio sets. I bought a nice Pye radiogram for not a lot . The main reason I wanted it was because it was fitted with a Garrard Sp25 which alone was worth the price! However when we got it home we found it had been fully restored so much too good to break! I swapped the deck for one more suited to the grams age and it went home with Jon...
I also bought the GEC colour set after I had decided I didn't want it but I was the only bidder and I could see Mike's hammer being raised... I have hidden that in my parents garage until a suitable time can be found to sneak it in at home.. How I am going to sneak a large wooden colour set upstairs to my workshop I have not quite worked out...
Thanks to all.. I realise all the work that goes in behind the scenes !

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