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Default Re: Transferring reel tapes to PC or other formats - first steps

Excellent sticky, Ben - well done.
If you have a tape deck that works well mechanically but the amplifier/power supply is beyond repair, I have had good results by disconnecting the playback head and feeding the signal directly into a phono preamp. Evetually I found a kit that had the correct RIAA curve components for the tape speeds - worked really well and was so low in power requirements that I ran it from 2 PP3 batteries - no hum loops there!
Incidentally I use a bit of software called "RipVinyl" - obviously for records but work well as it splits up all the tracks into single files so you don't have to muck around with Audacity - ISTR that it saves as Wave files so no loss of quality.
Cheers - Martin ZL2MC
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