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Default Re: Transferring reel tapes to PC or other formats - first steps

- Before risking your treasured tape, it is highly recommended that you clean the tape path. This will ensure best sound and may avoid irregular tape running. Never done it? The picture below shows typical parts you need to clean.

You will need some isopropyl alcohol form a chemist’s and some Q tips. Head cleaner solution (VHS kits for example) will suffice. Moisten the cotton bud and gently wipe the surface of the heads and guides. At this stage do NOT get any on the rubber roller, as if it is already deteriorating you may accelerate this process.

Stubbon deposits may need a bit more elbow grease! Pay attention to the upper and lower edges of guides where you may see encrusted oxide. Use a fingernail if necessary to dislodge it.

When the bud is dirty, use a fresh one. Allow five minutes or so for the alcohol to evaporate before using.

Note that you may need to remove the head cover to gain access; some models allow this, others don't.
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