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Default Re: 405 line TV with the HackRF

The AM/VSB/FM modulation is done in the software, the HackRF converts it to an analogue waveform and mixes it up to some frequency. In theory you could transmit any kind of signal that fits within its bandwidth limits, I've had DVB-T working in the past. Its output range is 1 MHz to 6 GHz so Band I should be fine.

It's not really designed to be connected directly to a TV, though I have done it. Even at low power it outputs considerably more power than a typical RF modulator would. I always make sure there is a good high value attenuator with a DC block installed to protect both it and the TV.

HackTV works with video files. The only requirement is that the frame rate must match the selected mode.

I do plan to add VSB at some point. For now it's just AM.
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