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Default Re: Head demagnetizer cassette

Originally Posted by stevehertz View Post
I generally always clean my cassette drive system and heads by hand. But I still have a Metrosound cassette cleaner that, pretty much alone in the world of cassette cleaning 'machines', did actually work. It has felt pads at each end that you charge with cleaner and when you switch the machine to 'play' they 'scrub' the pinch roller and capstan very effectively, soaking up the detritus. Similarly, a felt pad scrubbed the heads. It was darned nearly as effective as doing it by hand and was great for quick use on difficult to access mechanisms.

I also use a mains powered 'fat pencil' demagnetiser.
After reading an earlier post, I realise that the unit I mention (above) is in fact an Allsop 3 cassette cleaner and not as I said. Apologies for any inconvenience.
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