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Default Re: Head demagnetizer cassette

Originally Posted by TIMTAPE View Post
Is this the one? I've had this one for decades, bought from a pawn shop. Using it so often for small heads and guides as in cassette decks I got sick of replacing the small button cells so I made a rough mod to run from two AA batteries instead. I never regretted that mod!

It's pretty battered these days. The protective plastic piece on the tip failed long ago so I replaced it with heatshrink.

I tested it recently and felt the decay may now be too fast. I must check the caps and replace if needed. Very handy tool.
That's the one I had and a cassette one that you inserted. I found both very weak since they are DC powered. You can tell if a demagnetizer works by the strength of the buzz near the poles, or any metal. There is no need for those expensive Hand-De Mag ones, the generic curved AC ones all over ebay are fine. There is usually little danger in using them, just that they can destroy VU meters. I've accidentally switched one off near the heads before, without any lasting damage - I wouldn't advise it, of course, just that it's not as dire as they always say
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