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Default Re: Lettering Perspex?

Originally Posted by Station X View Post
Good idea. I have both. I'll have to experiment, hopefully without wasting too much tape!

From the PCB side of things - Printable Acetate sheet . As sold by the likes of Hobby craft under thwe trade name "STIX2" , and other suppliers. ( I mentioned Hobbycraft as it;;'s
( .
I know some folks on here do not like using this S/W, but I've found it's possible to print on the reverse side and by using the options ,in colours other thn the program options ( copy & past in desired colours to a photo shop program) and adjust size .
i usually do the master onto white paper to check I've got the size right and then use a A 4/5/6 sheet to print on to . Might seem a bit of a faff, but I've found it works.
Hobbycraft do click & collect
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