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Default Re: What 405 line set to buy?

Steer clear of RUST! This shows that the receiver has been stored under very poor conditions and will have problems with the line output transformer, wound components of all types and rotten valve holders etc. A bashed cabinet is acceptable but one with half the veneer peeling off is a bad sign and it's probably a good idea to move on.

The Ekco T330 series is a good starter. They use one of the better Mazda 17" tubes type CRM173 that is usually OK. They also reactivate, with care, very well.

The chassis access is excellent and very straightforward and all faults are well recorded. You may have to replicate a replacement Paxolin/Perspex case [easy] for the LOPT as the original tends to break down and arc over but the windings themselves are always 100%

Any Ferguson is another candidate. The 992/8 series if you want something 5 channel or the excellent 200 series should fill the bill. The 306T is another robust chassis but it is mounted vertically and might be frustrating when it comes to component replacement due to access being restricted by the CRT bowl.

If we move on a bit the 500/600/700 series are printed circuit and have all the components marked making mistakes less likely. All Mullard valves and tubes in Ferguson chassis with no awkward bits that are difficult to source or replicate.

Receivers with Plessey chassis fitted are also good candidates. Straightforward circuits and good LOPTs. The RGD 'DEEP 17' is another cracking model built on Plessey lines but not by Plessey themselves.

Metal chassis Sobell models from the mid 50s are another good starter. They are straightforward, Mullard valves and tube, excellent LOPTs with good access. They are not Hip, Trendy, or Cult and can be picked up quite cheaply. They give a very good account of themselves.

Hope you find something that is restorable. John.
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