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Default Re: What 405 line set to buy?

Hi AmateurRepairer,
I would actually try to avoid sets with Mazda tubes myself. Now I know that Ekco made good tellies, but I tend to steer clear of them because of the Mazda tubes.

Bush sets use Mullard tubes which are much more reliable. Bush sets are well laid out so easy to repair, but the popular and common TV22 can have some nasty pit falls for the beginner. The much harder to find TV22A doesn't have those drawbacks.

Pye sets also use Mullard tubes. The B18T/LV20 models are easy to find. Pye do use birds nest construction though so digging down to reach that last capacitor you need to change can be a little fiddly with more risk of making mistakes, but by making sure you take lots of detailed photos as you go really helps. I fixing sets with this kind of construction more rewarding.

If you have the room for a 14" mid 50s set then prices will be more, but sets from this period are less pleasing to the eye.

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