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Default Re: Nakamichi bliss!

Interesting Nick. I made a similar mod on my Nak LX3.

As I was only using the deck for playback, I connected the speed control wiring to the existing front panel Bias Adjust pot, and for its new use relabelled it Pitch Control.

The Tape Type switch was also now redundant as it only affected record functions so I repurposed it to switch the new Pitch Control in and out of circuit.

When an adjustment is made often, placing it in easy reach makes sense.

Another small mod I made was on my Revox A700. There are times when the reel tensions need to be adjusted to play certain old tapes at their best. The A700 has two small PCBs under the front panel with trim pots only accessible with this panel removed. I drilled two small holes in the front panel, just above the trimmers. With a small screwdriver, each reel's tension in play can be adjusted without any dismantling.
A further development would be to make these adjustable via dedicated knobs on the front panel.

I just came across this short video of a Nagra/JBR playback machine. Note the dedicated azimuth adjuster and tape tension adjuster screw.
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