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Default Re: Nakamichi bliss!

The original B710s did give trouble in service - TS had a copyroom with twelve 710s, both Mk1 and Mk 2, and if memory serves the cassette hubs were replaced on all of them because the collet fixings slipped on the motor shaft. Shortly after this I bought a second hand Nakamichi MR-1 and was very pleased with it - and no doubt will be again once I have sorted out the mode-select motor.

I acquired both a B215 Revox and its professional sister, the Studer A721, some time later and these are undoubtedly better than the 710.

I have to concede, though, that should a CR-7 appear on my doorstep wanting a home, I wouldn't turn it away - to my mind it is the best all-round Nakamichi, without the excesses of the Dragon, although replacing the split-track head could be a headache.
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