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Default Re: Driving a piece of electroluminescent tape in lieu of a magic eye

I think the best compromise I've seen over the years is the one that Joe - 'Pillenwerfer' -posted a link to at post #7 in this forum thread in Summer 2017.

It refers to a PIC driven circular array of fifteen green LEDs is a 300 degree arc, with a red LED at the bottom. The power for the project is derived from the rectified 6.3V heater supply of the valve. It had been mentioned in forum thread back in 2016 (which I can't now find) and I got as far as building one, but the project stalled as I was unable to get the PIC programmed. (See post #8 in the above link). Full constructional details are at the link below, including the source code for the PIC:

The circular LED array is still available cheaply from China on ebay, described as '1.3" Annular LED Ring Display Green Bars & Red Dot (Rotary Encoder or Clock)'

$4.18 USD inc free post. (Just over 3.00 GBP).

I wondered if anyone on the forum has built the project?

If not, and anyone is able to program the PIC and would like to have a go at building the replica eye, I do have a spare PCB that I etched, and two unprogrammed PICs, which I'd happily exchange on a 'quid pro quo' basis for programming a PIC for me. Alternatively, if someone could program a PIC which I'd supply, I'd be happy to recompense them.

The pic below is how far I got with the project. I don't actually need an eye at present - I just thought it was an interesting project so built it on impulse as I've been prone to do over the years if something takes my fancy. Too easily distracted - too many half-built projects. Probably undiagnosed ADHD or some such thing.

Hope it's of interest.
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