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Default Re: Quad 11 Problem.

I'm afraid these are fiddly to work on. The case was originally sized for the mono QC II. It was traditionally mounted in a wooden panel forming part of the overall system's cabinet. When stereo became popular Quad seem to have decided to stick with the same-sized case for the new 22 control unit. This had the advantage that customers could simply slide the QC II out and drop the 22 into the existing hole, without having to do any woodwork. The disadvantage of course is that with nearly twice as many components the 22 was very crowded inside. Some parts restrict access to other parts. And many of the small Hunts capacitors are prone to degrading, including drifting in value. Since they are in frequency-tuned circuits this matters. If you find you have to do much work on this unit then you have my sympathies ...


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