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Default Re: BVWS Harpenden 22nd Sept. auction/swap-meet

Just a reminder about how the Bring & Buy works at Harpenden.

We are no longer in the foyer but inside the hall itself, probably on the banked seating area at the back. You can still leave stuff with us during setting up as we'll have a booking-in table in one of the doors to the main hall.

There are 2 ways to sell stuff on the B&B.

1: Donation with 100% of proceeds going to the Vintage Wireless Museum. No need for admin for labels, lists etc and the museum takes all the proceeds.

2: Sales with 10% commission to the Museum. If you have more than a couple of items it helps us a lot if you can make a numbered list with prices. With corresponding numbered price labels stuck on the items. We then add a serial letter (eg your No 3 becomes C3). We can do labeling/listing on the day but it really slows things down for everyone at busy times. Please use the attached listing sheet, to help us.

We close the B&B when the auction starts (approx 1pm) but if you've sold anything you can collect the proceeds at any time. Please remember to collect unsold items well before the auction starts. Unsold donated items are sold off or given away at the end, but do collect if you can!

You've all been fabulously generous in the past, often raising 400 or more on theday, so let's hope for another big donation to the Museum this time.

See you all on the 22nd.

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