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Default Re: Reel to reel revival?

Originally Posted by barrymagrec View Post
Standard 10.5 inch NAB reels take 2400 feet of standard play tape, that`s 32 minutes at 15ips. 11 inch platters were available with 3000 feet of tape, if you were confident enough of your tape machine to risk it all dropping on to the floor.

14 inch NAB reels were used on instrumentation machines but rarely for audio, apart from voice logging.
12.5" reels running at 30 ips seemed to be fairly common for album masters in the 1980's. A full reel contained 3600ft of tape which would give about 23 minutes at 30ips. For domestic use it was fairly common to use long play tape on a 10.5" reel which also contained 3600ft. I have a few 14" reels of 2" wide tape which were used for TV dramas and music programs where they needed an hour of continuous recording. In fact, one of the 14" tapes I have was recorded at 7.5ips which gave 2 hours of continuous recording.
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