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Default Short Wave listening

I was wandering round the NVCF at the weekend which always takes me back to my youth remembering about all the fun I had messing about with and building valve TXs RXs and various bits and pieces.
It got me thinking about the Radio Constructor "Discovery" SW set I built in I think 1970 and the excitement of saving pocket money and building it bit by bit - It was a 2 valve TRF set using Denco coils.
As I remember it worked pretty well but I never really got into Amateur radio in a big way always preferring to attempt to build the perfect Hi-fi!

Anyway, it got me all enthusiastic and I've decided I'd like to build another set and do a bit more Short wave exploring
My questions are (and sorry if a bit daft)

What is the state of Amateur radio now? I done a lot of looking round the net but not got any definitive "feel" of how much old style comms there still is - I've seen a lot of Software related stuff that I just don't understand.

So if I tuned my old Discovery to Top band, will I still hear much!?

Also, I fancy building a simple superhet, preferably valve - Any suggestions please?


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