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Default Re: Ferranti TC1004. Baptism of fire.

Sounds a bit odd! The solder used by Ekco is standard Multicore 60/40 resin cored. It should be very easy to unsolder. Check your iron.

The leads from the transformer are coiled in the anti corona cups and just need unsoldering and gently pulling from the cups. You can make up anchoring tags for the new case by simply drilling holes in the right places and using 4BA solder tags, secured with likewise 4Ba nuts and screws.

You may be able to salvage the corona cups from the top of the transformer, [ wire ended U25 EHT rect] drill them out and refit to your new case with the same 4BA [or 6BA] nuts/ screws/solder tags.

If they are beyond salvage simply use solder tags and make round solder connections to prevent flash over. I've done quite a number in my time and never had a failure. John.
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