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Default Re: The Perennial Bakelite Problem!

The problem with trying to paint effects swirls etc on repaired Bakelite or filler is that it shows up terribly as the paint sits on top, whereas with swirls in Bakelite they don't they are integral. I found this when I repaired a smashed AD65 cabinet many years ago. you can get away with small areas like repaired cracks but anything bigger shows up.
Adding colour to glue or filler stops it setting correctly. I made the right hand "foot " out of filler re-enforced with mesh and painted it brown and left it at that. The joins I experimented with and found that I could paint them in to match and then add slight effects with permanent markers just to blend it in.
The finished result looks fine from a couple of feet in normal light but can be seen if you look closely . Many visitors over the years have admired the set and as yet no one has spotted (or at least commented on) the repairs.
The set spent many years in storage after it was smashed and being repaired is better than being in bits in a loft.
Of course one day an empty green cabinet is bound to turn up!
This is the thread:

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