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Default Re: Gemini 80-Bus System

Originally Posted by AdrianH View Post
My word, Gemini Systems CP/M Z80 8 bit systems, this is all bringing back memories to me.

I was a Nascom II user, and then later bought a Gemini system with an 8 inch 5Meg drive, how many years ago was that I wonder?

I passed loads of gear, boards mag's etc to a collector that lived in Leyland many years ago, so perhaps some of the old boards are still around, a speech synth board, paged ram, 19 inch case etc. Also a twin tape drive system.

Memories of graphics programs on a green screen drawing strange shapes.

Good to hear from you, I think we need to get in touch with that collector. These things are quite rare and I would love to try and safe and share as much of the system software etc as I can.
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