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Default Re: Another woodworm question!

Paranoid is the right word. I have thousands of pounds worth of musical instrument making wood in my workshop - from very expensive Spruce to very expensive Rosewood. I think many would be absolutely stunned just how expensive some of this stuff is.
A couple of months ago I was hand planing some highly figured Maple when I suddenly started to notice the tell tale tunnels of woodworm. This particular Maple was bought a couple of months prior to me working it. It wasn't infected in my workshop. The more I planed the more that was revealed, including some frass.
I tossed the wood into a corner of the workshop where it still remains and will do so for probably many years to come. I'm not the slightest bit worried about my expensive stock. Not one bit. My workshop is too dry for them. 35 years of experience tells me that. I won't have the chemical stuff anywhere near my wood.
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