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Default Re: Another woodworm question!

Owning a 160-year-old house with *lots* of wood, I must admit to a level of conditioned paranoia about allowing woodworm-suspect timber in any form to cross my thresholds.

Woodworm don't like extremes of temperature: as others have mentioned, cold is not life-enhancing for them. Neither is heat: some years ago I was doing work on a 1930s wood-cased mantel clock that had been home to worms, and 'treated' it by raising its temperature to around 90 Centigrade over a period of days courtesy of a friend's Aga.

After slow cooling and allowing the wood to stabilise back to more-normal levels of humidity I filled the holes with a slurry-mixture of wood-flour and cellulose dope, then multiple treatments of Danish Oil restored a deep and quietly unpretentious lustre to the wood.

These days I prefer to work with metal-cased "communications" radios - at least that way I know rust won't spread to the structure of the house!
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