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Default Re: Sansui SC-3330 - No rewind or FF - No Sound

Thanks both so much for your replies. Really appreciate you taking the time to look.

Originally Posted by Lucien Nunes View Post
It looks like the wind idler is not moving into engagement.
You're spot on there Lucien Nunes!

I had the fascia off last night and noticed that the wind idler was not doing anything. At that point I wasn't exactly sure of what it was supposed to be doing but now you've explained it, that makes much more sense.

I'll take another look at it later and see if I can work out why it's not engaging.

Originally Posted by julie_m View Post
The lack of audio could also conceivably be caused by another worn belt not bringing the tape heads into proper contact with the tape in play mode, or not properly disengaging a muting switch. But let's fix one fault at a time .....
Originally Posted by Lucien Nunes View Post
I think the head block is engaging as I think I can see the pressure pad move, so the lack of playback is probably an electronic fault, maybe power or mode selection related as it affect both channels.
The head does seem to engage fine with the tape - and I've checked the cabling between the head and the plug on the circuit board and it looks fine. Everything looks brand new.

Muting switch sounds possible - power is set to 240v mode so should be OK.

I suspect the sound issue might end up being beyond me capabilities to fix but as you say Julie, one fix at a time - I'll try to get the FF / REW sorted first.

Thanks once again - I'll update soon.
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