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Default Re: Fun with 6502 Assembler

On the 6502, there isn't a "Branch Never" instruction (on the early ARM processors, by contrast, every instruction is conditional!), but you can do something like this:
A9 00    LDA #0
CC       EQUB &CC
A9 FF    LDA #255
         \ rest of stuff
60       RTS
Now if we jump to entry1, once we have placed 0 in the accumulator, the next byte EQUB CC followed by LDA #255 actually looks like CPY &FFA9, which will not affect the accumulator; so after 4 cycles, we carry on with A=0. But if we jumped to entry2, we see just the LDA #255 instruction.

This is only one byte shorter than a branch around the "unwanted" instruction, so probably only needed in extreme circumstances.
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