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Default Re: MK14 schematic revisions

Nice! It's not so long ago that there were people wistfully wishing that someone would make some MK14 reproduction PCBs and now like buses, they all seem to be coming along at once. (You haven't said that you plan to sell any of your PCBs but at least two other sources recently started to sell replica MK14 PCBs).

Like yours, my (original) MK14 has a male pin-row connector fitted where the display would be and the display has been reconfigured that it can be plugged into / unplugged from that. The flat 0.1" spaced 'stiff' ribbon cable originally used for the display seems quite hard to come by now in any case.

I think I would have allowed myself the luxury of nicer keyswitches, but I can tell you that any kind of keyswitch at all is a huge improvement over anything which S.O.C. originally fitted to the MK14. That's why so few original MK14s have their original keypads.
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