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Default Re: The NVCF: Time To Move

Hello there,
I agree that the parking fee is excessively high considering the number of cars that attend the fair. 4-5 would seem sensible to me. I would be in favor of moving it to the Motorcycle museum which is the other side of the M42 which is directly across the road to the NEC and with good transport links. (you may need to hire a taxi to get from the airport/ railway station to the museum which is only a mile or 2)

Add to that the distance from the car park to the entrance is fairly long and the fact that you had to walk through a nearly empty car park closer to the hall seems a bit silly to me. Why did the NEC let us park in the closer car park and then any "overspill" go into the other car park?

This is one reason why I bought that small fold up trolley after carrying a telly back and then feeling very knackered!

The refreshments arn't cheap either. I could bring some sandwiches but they would probably end up going flat after I put a big transformer on the top of them


Christopher Capener
A proper radio is one that needs to be moved with a wheelbarrow !!
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