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Default Re: The NVCF: Time To Move

Hi All

pmmunro said

Given the wide interests of BVWS members and Forum contributors, perhaps a bit of initiiative in making good luck could help?
I suppose I did do this in my one visit to the NVCF, which was about five years ago, in that I combined it with a visit to my daughters who then lived about 30 miles from Birmingham. Strangely, I do not remember problems with car parking which now seems to be a big issue. I have also considered attending other events but with a round trip of about 700 miles probably by car and the extra expence of somewhere to stay this is really not on. I do understand that the members who organise such events do so on a voluntary basis and give up much of their own time. I also appreciate that to organise an event at a distance would be difficult. However, I think for some one like myself to organise such an event without either experience, help or contacts would be impossible. I have now resigned myself to the fact that I am unlikely to see a BVWS event take place further north than Birmingham. I am thinking of trying to organise a simple meeting of BVWS/forum members in the north but that is for another thread. If nobody is interested the I will stay up here in splendid isolation.


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