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Default Re: The NVCF: Time To Move

Thank you all for your opinions on the NVCF - they will be taken on board. Nothing has been ruled in or out at this stage accept to say that I am not intending to move the show around the country - logistically it would not work. It was tried in the past (under the prevoius owner) and failed.

With regards to exhibitor attendance there is generally a good mix of people from all over the UK including the US and europe. (genrally a dozen or so)

With regards to the parking - this is the biggest complaint received by all visitors (not just BVWS members) and this debate has raged for as long as I can remember. As a driver myself in london with parking meters giving just 3 minutes for 20p in some areas, I could argue that the parking fee is good value by comparison - I do not believe that it is, and I believe that the NEC are just being greedy. (Or rather Birmingham city council who hold major shares in the venue)

Regarding the hall hire, even allowing for inflation we would have to raise the cost of the tables by at least 10 each to cover the immediate hire increase and allow for at least the next year or two ahead. There have been no increases for at least 4 years on the tables and certainly none since I have run the event for the society. we would certainly lose a percentage of exhibitors in the process thus losing any advantage gained. As the show is run on a commercial basis it has to show some sort of profit to make it viable, for that reason I have to look 2, 3 or even 4 years down the line. Ultimately the more money it makes the more benifit the society (and members) sees, allowing us to stage such things as the major valve display at last octobers show for example and the 30th birthday celebrations which are planned.

With regards to BVWS members only events, (as opposed to the NVCF which is a commercial event and therefore open to all) these are orginised and run on a purely voluntary basis, generally by Committee members and partners who happly give many hours of their time to others. It is a common misconception that they are excentric multi millionaires with an army of paid staff . We all have livings to earn and social / family committments just like everyone else. and this needs to be borne in mind. Having run the Harpenden event for nearly 3 years voluntary, I know what is involved. Including members who have no conception of time when they ring you up at 11.30 on a sunday evening.........

When help has been asked for in the past we are met with near silance. In addition, the BVWS also attempts to have a presence at other events by way of a stand also manned by members and travelling in some cases many miles to do so, using their own time and travelling/staying overnight . There is nothing stopping any one from staging their own BVWS event in their respective areas and I would encourage those lacking an event local to them to do so. It is unfortunate that some areas of the UK do not have a more localised meeting. It just the way the membership is spread across the country. The committee which includes me, will give the assistance and advice neccerary to help to stage a regional event if any BVWS member would like to set up and run one themselves in their own part of the country.


Terry Martini

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