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Default Re: The Thanks thread.

There are two forum members I would like to thank.

I would like to thank John 60oldjohn.

John not only collected a Cossor for me, he held onto it for several months. When I did finally pick it up I got a very enjoyable evening admiring his rather lovely and beautifully displayed collection.

I was was very impressed with the fine work he does in his restorations.

Unfortunately his internet has not been working for quite some time now, the good news is when he does return he will have no doubt done some more fantastic work.

Thanks John I hope I am able to visit again soon.

Also I would like to thank Mike A, coil1234 for the Norbit module which arrived during the week and is a blast from the past.

Thank you Mike its a lovely item and will go with well with my semiconductor display.


Mike T
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