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Default Re: Will these old tapes be playable?

Originally Posted by usradcoll1 View Post
Hi Steve,
I acquired a collection of some used and new RtoR tapes. I had some that had some form of a mold on the edges of the tape. I didn't want to try them so they got binned.
There was a few brand new Tandy Radio Shack tapes that seemed to be wound on the reel with the oxide side out.
Having never seen that type, they got binned as well.
Shame that you binned them. Quite often you will come across tape stock with mold on it.
As Ben points out, the best thing to do is grab a tissue and pinch it round the tape as it's coming off the reel so you catch all the gunk and crap and mold before it gets to the heads. The tape should play ok after that (presuming it hasn't gone sticky).
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