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Default Re: Help to identify old Philips valve radio. BIF 571A.

Hi all,
Just an update, I got the new Vishay film caps today and replaced them all, and it sounds much better now, before the sound would start drifting away and sometimes come back, which is now fixed. It's still not super loud, but I have never heard one of these, So I do not know what to expect'(I do have a valve BUSH record player which goes a lot louder). Anyway I have oiled and re lubricated all the moving parts, to prevent the tuning cord from snapping. I have not taken an voltages, as I am already over the moon with even getting sound out of this. Thanks everyone for your help with this, It's nice to get it going and hopefully prevent any future failures to the valves. Oh "simpsons" no offence taken by the way. I had the Hunts in my Bush record player, they were bad alright.
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