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Originally Posted by Dave Moll View Post
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Another "cheaty", but possibly not too reliable, method of boosting REN is to use master sockets, which have their own built in ringing capacitor, at each telephone
Do I infer from this that a telephone using an internal ringing capacitor (i.e. wired for two-wire operation) would have a similar effect? I had always assumed conversely that such a unit would contribute towards the total line REN even if connected downstream from the booster.
You will get a simular effect, but the smart thing with your master socket system is to limit the ring current, and tinkeling.

Try to hook on a 1.8 (2) μF capacitor (or somthing near 1-2 μF you have in the house) in paralell with the exisisting one in your master socket. This will definitly increase the capacity of ringing, and probably within what the supply may deliver.

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