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Default Re: Scrapyards to visit

Originally Posted by G6Tanuki View Post
Tightening-up of scrap-metal regulations, WEEE, H&S, and public-liability insurance-costs have all-but finished-off the days of scrapyards where you could wander around trying to find 'stuff' while also trying to avoid the attentions of the mangy-but-militant Alsatians such places always had.

The last such places I remember were Passeys in Benson (closed 20+ years ago, site now a housing development) and Haynes at Challow.

Both these occasionally had electronics/lab-equipment-type scrap (stainless-steel sinks, fume-cupboards, vacuum-glassware) because they were relatively close to Rutherford Appleton Labs, Harwell, and JET at Culham.

Haynes still exists - I went there a while back for some "architectural salvage" roof-slates and bricks. Also paid 50p for a porcelain 'egg' insulator that was attached to one of the salvage-windowframes! Don't know if they still do 'scrap' in the wider sense though.
Passeys had a place in Newbury (Turnpike Road). I assume there was a connection with the Benson lot. Used to have a good view of it from the Quantel R&D block - grabbers moving cars about etc in late 90s, early 2000's. I think it has gone now. Glad to hear that Haynes is still going at Challow. I remember many, many years ago going there with a friend and his dad and climbing about on the piles of stuff trying to find whatever it was he was looking for. I can't imagine that is allowed these days.
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