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Default Re: Scrapyards to visit?

Years back Peterborough had a fair few scrapyards most dealing mainly with cars. They would let you roam around, climb up a stack of cars. The main danger was getting too close to the dogs! One yard had a savage Alsatian on a chain which prevented him getting to you if you stayed on the path. He amused himself by repeatedly throwing a metal hubcap in the air and catching it!

There was a small place in Eye village in a farmyard owned by a distant relative 'Uncle Horace'. He took in washing machines TV sets and the like.
During the 1970s power cuts we were equipped with a bank of car batteries and couple of spot lamps. Dad had bought a small Black and white Teleton portable from a local department store for our holiday caravan so we also had TV during the cuts. We soon had lots of visitors!

Over the years the yards have all closed bar one and they won't allow customers past the gate. Land price seems to be the main reason that they have gone. My late Uncles yard is now a small housing estate.
There is a metal yard where you weigh in scrap that is more amenable. I have bought some useful metal shelving, cable and some electrical fittings from there. The main challenge is getting to the stuff before it is crushed.
Times are changing fast long gone are the times when you could get a Hillman Dynamo, a TV24 chassis and an Ekco A23 for under 30 bob!

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