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Default Re: Source for HMV decals

Radio Daze in the USA carries an extensive range of decals - mostly for American and Canadian sets, but some, (Marconi for example), of interest ot GB restorers. He will also make custom decals so could perhaps quote for HMV if anyone cares to follow that up.

Some links here:

He supplies dials too - for example, a dial for the KB FB10 ‘Toaster' ($37.93).

No doubt the price reflects the development and production costs, not heped by the poor $/£ exchange rate, but is unlikely to appeal to anyone who - like me - has never paid more than a tenner for an FB10. Same cost/benefit conundrum as with decals - can cost more than the value of the set, not forgetting that some restorers won't be able to afford the cost (in addition to other restoration costs), or may be unwilling to fork out, following the philosophy of:

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