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Default 2x VHSs, Colchester en route London/Norwich

Firstly to clarify my cryptic heading, I have 2 VHS machines needing repair and I am prepared to deliver/collect anywhere along the route from the Clacton/Colchester area in either the direction of Norwich or in the direction of London (so it's the A12 or the A14/A140).

Both these machines are Nicam stereo, dual speed, HiFi audio.

1) Akai VS-A77EK. It has built-in audio power amps for driving rear speakers.
2) Matsui VP9605

After a couple of years non-use I tried a pre-recorded tape in them and neither would load. In the case of the Akai, the tape is still stuck in there.

I suppose the problems could be belts but equally gunged-up grease or low volts from dried out capacitors. Clearly not something I'm very familiar with - my basic electronics and mechanics knowledge could see me wasting days on these when there are experts who've made a living at such things and might be able to go straight to the fault. Anyway I'm happy to pay the going rate so please can anyone service these for me?
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