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Default Rules and Information - READ THIS FIRST!

Please read this thread in full before posting or replying in this section.

This section is new and being trialled. If it does not work or there are too many problems it will be removed.

Please state clearly what types of equipment you are able to repair, your location, areas you could realistically travel to for collection and delivery, and whether you are operating as a trader or a private individual. Do NOT include off-site contact details in your post (however a website address in your normal signature is OK).

These threads will be closed as soon as possible after they are created as they are for information not discussion. The forum permissions should prevent replies to any threads in this section. If you wish to make an edit please contact one of the moderators.

All repairs must be carried out in a safe and competent manner, and a reasonable guarantee included. We suggest repairers obtain appropriate public liability insurance, and keep records of the work done and parts used etc.

If you require the services of one of the repairers please send them a forum Private Message. To send a forum Private Message click on the person's name to the left of their post then click "Send private message to...".

The owner and moderators of the forum have no responsibility or liability for the outcome of any arrangement made here. The arrangement is solely between the repairer and the equipment owner.

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