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Default Re: Firestick to CRT TV?

I've had a couple, because I still want to record from my Virgin Tivo box to my DVD recorder, which accepts composite inputs.

I find them unreliable. One day it'll work like a charm, the next it'll take 40 minutes of fiddling. It seems especially sensitive regarding which screen resolutions it will accept and downscale. When it handshakes with the Tivo it seems to send a signal that it can handle screen resolutions that it actually cannot and gets in a right old tizzy. As does the tivo which likes to save those settings without being asked so it subsequently doesn't work with the TV.

But when they work, even the cheap 10 ones are quite acceptable. Colours can be a little off...but that's what the colour knob was for! They tend to output both PAL and NTSC with a switch to select.

Kramer do more sophisticated and reliable boxes but these cost 200 or more.
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