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Default Re: Firestick to CRT TV?

I have a couple of the little "matchbox" converters with phono sockets on. They work surprisingly well. One I use with a Chromecast plugged in to its HDMI input, and converter extracts the audio to feed in to the speakers in our kitchen so we can 'cast' almost anything to them from our Android phones. I have also used the composite video output from the converter to feed one of those little 4.3" LCD monitors which are sold as car reversing monitors. That way we can see the picture content of what we're casting. The image is as good as you're likely to get from PAL or NTSC composite video, with strong colours and as much detail as I'd expect.

I use another of the converters in my office with its HDMI input connected to my PC, the composite video output feeding a 14" Philips CRT TV. It works well for viewing videos, and it's quite handy to be able to switch the converter between 50Hz PAL and 60Hz NTSC to match the source material. The converter isn't smart enough to do clever inter-frame interpolation when converting frame rates so some tearing of the image is visible if the source and output frame rates don't match, but that's to be expected.

The converters support a variety of input resolutions, at least one of which gives a correct 4:3 aspect ratio picture. I think it's 1024x768 that does.

They're extraordinary value and well worth trying out.

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