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Default Lots of useful items direct from manufacturer.

I was looking for some Teflon feet for our 3 piece suite and found the above company. All sorts of useful engineering bits, including gaskets, seals, plastic and nylon fasteners grommets, strain reliefs, lots of other plastic and other parts. Have a browse!
Only down side I found was heat shrink sleeving, which was in bulk drums and not our sort of buying level!

I bought 25 x M8 thread adjustable feet, Teflon coated over steel and just under 21 for 25 including post and vat.
They also sell on ebay, but a lot dearer than buying from them direct.
Minimum order is 10, post is I think 2.85, but post is free above 20 goods value, all including vat. I needed 20, so ordered 25 @ 83p to get free post.
Really pleased with the quality and fast delivery.
This is what I bought:

I am also interested in and collect 00 model railway. My avatar is Bruiser, he has cauliflower ears!
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