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Default Excellent TV prog with tangential Radio content

Hi folks

Last night I caught an excellent recent film on BBC 4 called 'Garage People' about what Russians do in their sheds in a mining town in the arctic.

One of the (less-featured) men is a radio amateur, and another bemoans that someone has nicked (for scrap) the boards from which he salvages electronic components - so I have an excuse to post here.

If is that rarest of things - an apparent documentary with no narration (not bit of Dan Cruikshank or Jay Blades!!), no background music (not a squeak of brass band, the sound of 'heritage'), and no emotional manipulation. Well, the stories are powerful, but for a change they are allowed to tell themselves.

There is a danger that films this good might alert the public as to how is much of the rest of their TV diet. No, that's far too optimistic.
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