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Thank you for this. Would you believe it-itís now working! I found something you wrote Sirius way back (2016 I think) in a forum for someone who was having exactly the same issue as me! I played around with the cassette player and have obviously got the correct volume level. I did try this first actually before I wrote on here but now it seems happy! Iíve even loaded the 16k Asteroids game. It seems (everybody fingers crossed) to be working well. Yes, I have to say Iím a bit stumped by the light video. In fact when I first tried this on the crt I didnít get a great picture-very, very unstable. It looked dark to me just as I has expected.

However, I thought I would have a go at the composite mod to see what would happen. To my amazement itís a perfect picture! There is an occasional bounce ever so slightly now and again but nothing that bothers me.

Interestingly, the cpu, the ULA and some other ICs are not soldered in making replacing them easy!

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