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Originally Posted by SiriusHardware View Post
Just caught your latest. Try this: From cold, power up the '81 without a display connected. Leave it on for longer than it normally takes for the distortion / odd behaviour to happen, maybe half an hour.

Then, connect whichever display usually works best.

Is the picture already distorted / key problem already present? Or does it take ~ 20 minutes from the moment you connect the display for that problem to happen?
Okay, I tried your suggestions:
1. The zx81 was switched on for about 30 mins before connecting to the crt tv - I get a better picture at the moment on this one. The picture was very distorted and couldn't make out anything.

2. I let the unit cool down and then I plugged it in and the picture was great (again on the crt) and strobe effect on the LCD

However, after an hour of continuous use the picture became distorted but there is a pattern before it gets to this stage.

The unit began not to load games and when it did it it sometimes reset itself and sometimes it froze. When I rebooted it it then went through the cycle of not loading then resetting and sometimes freezing. After this behaviour a few times, the picture became very distorted.
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