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Annoyingly I can't remember where I saw the version of the composite mod using a diode but I do remember the OP had said he needed to add that specifically to get a signal which was acceptable for his LCD TV. So it may be worth adding just a diode in the video-out path, just a resistor in the video-out path, and a resistor and diode in series in the video-out path to see if your LCD TV finds any of those combinations more soothing.

If you do find a combination which works better with the LCD TV, then go back to the CRT TV and make sure it still works there. What you really want is whichever arrangement works best with them both.

Edit: Just caught your latest. Try this: From cold, power up the '81 without a display connected. Leave it on for longer than it normally takes for the distortion / odd behaviour to happen, maybe half an hour.

Then, connect whichever display usually works best.

Is the picture already distorted / key problem already present? Or does it take ~ 20 minutes from the moment you connect the display for that problem to happen?

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