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Default Vintage and iconic rigs activitity

After the last Chirp N Drift I was asked to organise an event for classic rigs which might rarely get an outing but which do not chirp or drift! So, time to add volts to that FT7B, TS180, Drake TR7 and of course, the Gentleman of rigs, the FT101ZD plus a host of others time has removed from my memory. Let's hear them! I suggest we run this on May 27th, another UK Bank Holiday. Let's go, again, for 1800Z to 0000Z (7pm to 1am British time).
TIMES (UTC) Monday 27th May 18:00 - 00:00Z (BST: 27th May 19:00 - 28th May 01:00)
LOGS No logs to be submitted.
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