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Default Different Dolby B / C Calibration Standards

Here is something that I have only ever guessed at an answer. It refers to when back in the Eighties I splashed out on a brand new stereo cassette deck - my second. The first (a lovely Teac with totally un-electronic transport controls) still worked but bizarrely was putting clicks on tapes even in play. (I can't get used to thinking of cassettes and CDs "Vintage," by the way...:

I decided to buy an NAD deck because I had the impression that it was one of the best of the affordable decks around. Having bought it and recorded a couple of cassettes on it, I noticed that my original cassettes sounded a bit dull on the new machine. Cassettes recorded on the new one sounded perfect on it, of course. I can't remember how but I came to the conclusion that it was a Dolby issue - as if the new deck required a higher level of audio to work properly, as it were. As I did not want to re-do all my audio cassettes I took it back and settled for a Sony at an equivalent price, which did not exhibit the same problem.

Incidentally, when I borrowed a relatively high-end Panasonic at the same time that was also problematic. It seemed that Sony were the only good make that I could rely on to continue recording my cassettes.

Were there two different Dolby calibration settings once?
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